Prior to starting my placement at The Media Company Publications Ltd, I was a little nervous, what would I be expected to do and would I be able to do it?

The Media Company publishes amongst others, Foodies Magazine and the Edinburgh Festival Magazine. Their offices are located in a basement property near Stockbridge, less than a 10 minute walk from Princes Street, and there was definitely a sense of homeliness from the moment I entered. Stacks of magazines and cookery books were overflowing, reminding me of my own bookshelves.

From an outsider’s perspective, The Media Company Publications Ltd could be considered a small team yet they achieve big results. I was helping out within the marketing department, in full swing of their annual Foodies Festivals which take place across the UK, and discovered just how much effort and hard work goes into the marketing of each individual festival. I also realised that sometimes even the smallest gesture, like a 140 character tweet, can go a long way and have an unbelievable impact. Nothing should be overlooked in the world of marketing.

As an intern in a busy office, I learnt to speak confidently on the phone and promote the festival effectively. I also re-evaluated the sheer importance of databases and keeping them current and up to date. Working with entries from a competition, I also realised how many people actually enter them, having always been an “I’ll enter that competition later” type of person, the scale of entrants was very impressive, as were some of their efforts to be picked.

I needn’t have worried about my first day, everyone was absolutely lovely and I would like to specially thank Gary Anderson for showing me the ropes.