Luath logoThere was a part of me that worried my work experience would consist mainly of photocopying and making coffee. Happily, more so for the people I work with than myself, I was never asked to make coffee.

My work placement took place at Luath Press, located at the top of the Royal Mile. The company publishes from 30 to 40 new books a year, which is impressive for such a small team.

The very first project I was given was a marketing plan for an upcoming title. I was told to imagine I had endless amounts to spend on marketing, which allowed me to be imaginative when it came to the launch party, but hopefully the more realistic aspects of the plan will be useful.

Of Dogs and Men cover
Images courtesy of Luath Press.

On my second day, I proofed Of Dogs and Men by John Barrington, a book full of anecdotes about sheepdogs written by this former shepherd. One nice aspect of the placement being split over an extended period is that Of Dogs and Men has now been released, and I have been able to experience the buzz in the office surrounding the book.

I was excited to be given my own project to work on. I was given the early version of a manuscript to mark up, before putting together the marketing plan, blurb, AI sheet and press release. Another day, I had the chance to go through the manuscripts that had been received. I found one text that I would really like to see in print, so I’m going to look out for it!

The closest I got to photocopying was a day spent scanning documents. Nevertheless, this was to learn more about Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which I had never used before, so I still learned a new skill.

These are just a few of the projects I have worked on during my relatively short time at Luath. It has gone incredibly quickly, and might sound like a lot of responsibility for an intern, but I don’t think there’s a better way to learn.