Late last year Daniel Lambie came to MSc Publishing to recruit some help with
a research project Connect Communications were undertaking. Though many
students initially jumped at the chance, most balked when they learnt that
Connect’s Edinburgh office was relocating. Vanessa, Alex and myself, however,
were willing enough to commit to travelling to Paisley for two weeks last

The aim of our research was to investigate the market for delivering internal
communications through digital platforms. We quickly devised and distributed
a survey to relevant companies and agencies and prepared a schedule for the
project. Buoyant from our early achievements I hardly felt the two and a half
hour trip home.

The next few days proved trickier as we learnt a tough lesson, valuable to any
researcher, that responses are not easily achieved. We assembled a new contact
list and implemented a strict scheme for follow up. By the end of our time at
Connect we had amassed enough information to support our findings and build a

Aside from this research, the team at Connect were fantastic about taking time
to sit with us and explain their roles. Over the two weeks we were shown how
to sub-edit articles, assist in designing pages and schooled in the business of
advertising. Head of design Renny Hutchison showed us how he manipulated
and embellished the digital pages of Unfiltered and I vowed to go straight home
and buy an iPad (I haven’t yet). We also assisted with writing and researching
articles for Nationwide Bowler, Premier Living and The Journal.

In a short time at Connect Communications I gained great insight into the varied
business of contract publishing and communication solutions. Each day in the
office brought new projects and I managed to experience most aspects of the
publishing process. While I don’t necessarily miss the commute to Paisley I would
happily travel back for such a worthwhile experience.

To find out more about Connect Communications please visit: http://