I was excited about the prospect of driving the 60 miles or so to Moffat every day, getting up really early and getting annoyed on the A702 stuck behind a couple of lorries before hitting the M74 and pushing my tiny car to 90 mph before realizing that the engine might blow up if I continue. I like driving. But, alas, the owner, managing director and my supervisor, Robbie, gave me the opportunity to work from home, with an Edinburgh-based placement. A very exciting placement it is too…

I am researching a photographic guide to add to Pocket Mountain’s collection of pocket-sized books. Despite being an idea in the making at the moment, it involves drinking a lot of tea and coffee and spending time in the cafes of Edinburgh, photographing or the simple pleasure of reading. However it’s not all play and no work. After asking if it’s okay to take the photographs in the first place, I spend time talking to owners about their café, talking to staff, getting recommendations for other places to visit and trying to find out more about the philosophy behind the café. I am also reviewing the café (only good things), writing about 200 words on each one. This was difficult for me at first; having not really written anything for a commercial purpose before, but it is much easier now, and I have developed an enthusiasm for writing. Most people are fine with me wandering about with a camera; however, I’ve been met with suspicion by some others, wanting to know about who I work for – playing the student card always works, though I remember to take my business cards with me now.

I also thought I would need an office, a 9–5 kind of job but I’m enjoying managing my own time and juggling placement, work, dissertation and our book projects. This placement has made me re-evaluate my idea of ‘a job’.

The one thing I’m developing more than anything else is confidence: confidence in talking to people, confidence with the camera, and confidence in writing.  It definitely is an enjoyable placement, which has lasted more than the required time and will hopefully last longer. And I’ve gotten to drive to Moffat twice so far.


Love Crumbs on West Port