I come from China. Although I have already studied in Napier for eight months, I do not think my English is good enough to find a placement in UK’s press company. I have tried but failed. So I try to find a Chinese’s publishing press in UK to do my placement. I think this may be more suitable for Chinese student who are studying publishing major in UK.

However, it’s difficult to find one. Because there are not too many Chinese press in UK. I have searched website first, but the result made me disappointed. Because most of Chinese press are located in London, England where is too far from Edinburgh. For example, CYPI Press. So it takes me a long time to find a suitable placement.

Luckily, 2011 London Book Fair opens from 11th April to 13th April and I decide to visit it. Before I go to London, I have searched the website and got lots of useful information. I focus on Chinese publishers in London Book Fair and find New Classic Press under Beijing Qiushiyuan Cultural Communication Co. Ltd. owning its office in Stirling, Scotland. I try to contact them by email and search for more details about it at the same time. I know from website that New Classic Press is aimed at “Displaying China to the world”, featured by “Chinese culture-specific publishes”. Until now, it has published over 100 books in English.

The chief-editor of New Classic Press replied me and agreed me to do my placement in their press. They also ask me to work with them in the three days’ London Book Fair. That’s where I start my placement.

After ten days’ work in New Classic Press, I have some experience to share with others especially Chinese students.
1.Before you start the placement, make sure you know what kind of job you want to do.
2.Try to contact the press which you want to do your placement actively. Do not just wait.
3.After being accepted by the press, try to get as more information about the press as you can. Fully preparation is crucial and good start for the placement.
4.When working in press, listen more and do more. Because there is difference existing about culture and custom between China and UK, try to know working ways and respect your staff.
5.If there is uncertainty about your work, do not hesitate to ask. Sometimes, your silence may cause unnecessary trouble.
6.Keep writing work note because they may be very useful for your future job.

Although I just do some research and collect some data during my placement, I think the technique above may be helpful for other Chinese students and hope everyone have a good start.