Canongate Books

My placement at Canongate Books has been a unique experience. Yes, I have become fairly well acquainted with the photocopy room, but I have also researched and contacted the ‘Lairs’ of pick-up artists around the country, worked out convenient ways to communicate with Religious Education teachers around the UK, and put real names to the Twitterati of the UK’s music and men’s magazines. I’ve also sat in on a meeting where the possibility of hiring Del Boy and Rodney lookalikes and the Trotter’s Reliant van was raised… just another day in the marketing and publicity department at Canongate!

It’s an interesting time for the company. Recent acquisition Go The F**k To Sleep shot into the Amazon UK Top 25 as a preorder and the BBC adaptation of Michel Faber’s excellent The Crimson Petal and The White has generated a lot of media interest (I know – I filed the clippings!) Consequently it has been an interesting time to be an intern, and there is much to be learned if you pay attention.

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