The Amazon Kindle finally launches in the UK… sort of.

The online retailer announced this week that the Kindle would be launched in the UK on 19 October just in time for Christmas, retailing at $279 (approx £176). However, Amazon have had to compromise on a few things to get the Kindle out in time.

thanks to techshout & amazon for the image!

Thanks to Techshout & Amazon for the image!

For example, Amazon was unable to come to a data deal with any UK mobile retailer to allow customers to buy books in the first place so now is using the international roaming facilities of its American partner AT&T. The Kindle accesses the Amazon site and the internet by using 3G mobile internet. Expensive at the best of times, service from AT&T is not a good sign for the UK consumer as the extra cost of international roaming will be passed on to them, so a book that costs $9 in the US could cost $10/$11 here. The cost of roaming also means you wont be able to browse or read blogs.

This isn’t to say that there won’t be a deal with a UK mobile network in the future to provide cheaper use and better functionality, but to get the Kindle out for Christmas Amazon have compromised. You can purchase the Kindle on the US Amazon website.

Fear not, your friendly neighbourhood tech girl will be back soon with a full review.