The Kelpie’s Pearls & The Helix Project

© Image reproduced by kind permission from The Helix Trust

We are all very excited to republish Mollie Hunter’s magical Scottish tale The Kelpie’s Pearls and to announce our partnership with The Helix Project.

The Helix Project aims to redefine the Falkirk area by creating a vibrant new greenspace which is expected to attract hundreds of thousands of local people and visitors every year to walk, run, cycle, sail, and experience what the already well-known site has to offer.

The star attractions will, with no doubt, be the Kelpies lock – two 30-metre high structures in the shape of horse’s heads – to be completed and installed before the end of 2012.

If you can’t wait that long, here’s a tip for you: smaller versions of the Kelpies® might be sighted at the launch of our exciting new Merchiston Publishing title

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Travel Light: Our journey so far…

First draft
The first draft of our cover by William B. Hill

MSc Publishing students at Edinburgh Napier University are proud to be working on a brand new illustrated edition of Naomi Mitchison’s Travel Light.

We chose the title as a group and are involved with every step of its production, from researching the market, editing the text and commissioning original illustrations from William B. Hill. Hopefully we will resolve the complicated copyright issues soon, in which case the book will be launched and distributed freely to children’s libraries around Edinburgh, as well as the Royal Hospital for Sick Children.

Travel Light is the story of Halla, a princess cast out of her home as a baby by the new queen. She lives with bears, then dragons, and learns about treasure and heroes while taking on bearish and dragonish habits. Halla is visited by the All-Father who teaches her that there is no need to hoard treasure, and when Halla accepts this she truly learns to travel light.

Though this book was first published in 1952, the adventure and fantasy is still fresh and engaging today. We have had extremely positive responses from librarians who would be keen to host events promoting the book in their libraries, and to receive copies to share with their young readers. By bringing this book back to Edinburgh, we hope to show support for libraries in these challenging times and make reading an enjoyable experience for the whole family.

For updates on our project, please visit our Facebook page and our Travel Light blog

The Perfect Book

Shutterhacks on Flickr. Shared under a Creative Commons Licence

As a reader, the perfect book has to begin with the words. It must be elegant and eloquent. It’s addictive – I can’t help but keep reading. It draws me in and opens doors to new ideas.  I take the characters wherever I go and sometimes they take me with them. Years later I will find something that wasn’t there before. It will be beautiful to treasure, to hold and to own.

But during working hours, I have a different perspective. I see a book written by an amenable, productive author who understands the business. It is topical but timeless. The artwork is a masterpiece in its own right and will become synonymous with this modern classic. It is met by a receptive audience and critical acclaim. It sells. But more than that, I am proud of this book. It will be beautiful to treasure, to hold and to own.

The Tale of Team C

© Disney

Once upon a time, thirteen aspiring publishers waited impatiently for a titian-haired whirlwind to work her magic. Avril breezed into their midst and struck fear into the hearts of all who thought they were in for an easy ride.

The instructions and assignments mounted and shock became evident on the once-smiling faces of the students. Their quest was to embark on a live publishing project, which would lead them from the safe haven of theory into the challenging realms of practice. Toiling away from Craighouse Campus, they will face countless challenges such as choosing a story, assigning team roles and responsibilities and working within a tight budget to produce the finest book in the land. Still unfamiliar with each other, they will have to form a tight bond to overcome all obstacles.

Follow their story. Find out if their book will reach the shelves on time and allow them the ‘happily ever after’ they deserve!

London Book Fair 2011

London Book Fair

It is the 40th year of the London Book Fair and here at MSc Publishing many of us are looking forward to attending our first international trade fair.

This year’s programme is packed with world-class speakers and experts offering their take on the state of publishing and its future. Highlights include a focus on children’s literature, digital markets and the Russian publishing industry. We hope everyone will get into the spirit – and we don’t mean vodka!

We’ve saved you some time and chosen our five top picks:

1. The Partnership between Author and Editor

2. How to start a publishing house

3. Tweet Smell of Success: how to use social media to best effect

4. Greening the Book: Digital or Print

5. China Market Forum: Innovative Partnerships and Digital Opportunities

For more information on the full programme, visit