Nate A. Kunitskaya

NK profile picI graduated from the University of Edinburgh with an MA (Hons) in Italian and got to study, along the way, History of Art, Linguistics, Film and Japanese. I spent a year abroad in Bologna – famous for its Children’s Book Festival – where I first began to question whether publishing was for me. Being a book-devourer with a knack for languages and a fondness for translation, it seemed the perfect fit.

MSc Publishing at Edinburgh Napier University has been an eye-opening experience, challenging at times but always rewarding. Currently I am involved in two projects – Innovations and Publishers Inc – working in a blend of areas I am most interested in: Rights Management, Editorial, Marketing and Digital Design.

Outside of university hours I work at a second-hand book shop (where I exercise impressive self-restraint) and try to read as much as I physically can (recent reads include: The Name of the Wind, The Humans, Grief is the Thing with Feathers and Coraline). In the remaining snippets of time I hone my translating skills in order to keep fresh languages I have picked up so far. If the weather gods are in good humour, I take my dog – Kujo – out for a ramble around Edinburgh.

I co-write a blog:
The Manic Fae
You can also find me on Twitter  @nakutski
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Adam Harris

ProfileAdam Harris is a student on the MSc Publishing course at Edinburgh Napier University. He hails from sunny Newcastle in distant England.

He has an undergraduate degree in History and English Language from the University of Edinburgh. For his dissertation he wrote about the history of censorship in comic books. This is because he likes to take any opportunity possible to write about comic books, which is also something he does in his meagre spare time.

As a part of the MSc Publishing course Adam is Project Manager for Innovations: a brand new academic journal designed to be the first in a long running series. He also successfully pitched a new edition of A Voyage to Arcturus to be published by Merchiston Publishing later this year. Finally he contributes articles to Buzz Magazine as well as working on its Advertising and Marketing teams.

Adam’s interests include comic books, cinema and drinking fancy alcohol. Adam is also not averse to writing in the third person.

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Julia Margaret Crawford

I am an MSc Publishing student at Edinburgh Napier University. After spending a year after my MA (Hons) Philosophy reading books and looking for a purpose, discovering this degree seemed like a calling!11952832_10153232048518074_7972856989458771272_o

Since embarking on the course, I’ve found myself to be much more enthusiastic about magazines and design than I had ever considered myself to be – these were not interests that I nurtured during my undergrad. Taking on the role of Production Manager for Buzz magazine was therefore a real step out of my comfort zone and I love it.

Outside of university hours, I am trying to get myself along to as many magazine and publishing related events as possible, recently including the Delayed Gratification Infographics Workshop organised by the Professional Publishers Association (PPA). The rest of my time I tend to use practising yoga, reading books, listening to Radio 4 and sleeping.

Let’s chat! Here’s a link to my Twitter.

Justine Bottles

12660436_10101798461869980_1520411390_nJustine Bottles packed her bags and moved from New York City to Edinburgh to pursue her MSc Publishing at Edinburgh Napier University. Through the program she has had the opportunity to attend the 2015 Frankfurt Book Fair, serve as Marketing Manager on an exciting student project, and pursued placements at Alban Books and Floris Books. She hopes to achieve a career in children’s and young adult books in this city’s vibrant publishing industry.

Her interests outside the classroom include reading a variety of genres from Victorian literature to modern science fiction and fantasy, amateur photography, watching movies, and exploring the city of Edinburgh.

Follow her exciting adventures as a publishing student in the United Kingdom here.