The Tale of Team C

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Once upon a time, thirteen aspiring publishers waited impatiently for a titian-haired whirlwind to work her magic. Avril breezed into their midst and struck fear into the hearts of all who thought they were in for an easy ride.

The instructions and assignments mounted and shock became evident on the once-smiling faces of the students. Their quest was to embark on a live publishing project, which would lead them from the safe haven of theory into the challenging realms of practice. Toiling away from Craighouse Campus, they will face countless challenges such as choosing a story, assigning team roles and responsibilities and working within a tight budget to produce the finest book in the land. Still unfamiliar with each other, they will have to form a tight bond to overcome all obstacles.

Follow their story. Find out if their book will reach the shelves on time and allow them the ‘happily ever after’ they deserve!


App Lang Syne

Source: Wiki Commons

Should auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to min’?

There’s an app for that!

The Scottish Government has produced an iPhone app, developed by Storm ID, which contains the complete works of Robert Burns, including a dictionary of Scottish terms and instructions on how to host a Burns Supper.

Fiona Hyslop, Culture Minister, said, “this app uses the latest technology to bring Burns firmly into the 21st Century.”

Released on January 18th, it is already becoming popular. Reviews posted on the iStore website have been generally positive.

“Great idea and is a lifesaver for me for my first proper Burns supper next week.”  – Hugo Bell, iStore user

Although Robert Burns’ works are available elsewhere, this is the first time they’ve been released in this easily accessible format at no charge. A Burns app was released in June 2009, but did not include all the features and cost $2.99.

London Book Fair 2011

London Book Fair

It is the 40th year of the London Book Fair and here at MSc Publishing many of us are looking forward to attending our first international trade fair.

This year’s programme is packed with world-class speakers and experts offering their take on the state of publishing and its future. Highlights include a focus on children’s literature, digital markets and the Russian publishing industry. We hope everyone will get into the spirit – and we don’t mean vodka!

We’ve saved you some time and chosen our five top picks:

1. The Partnership between Author and Editor

2. How to start a publishing house

3. Tweet Smell of Success: how to use social media to best effect

4. Greening the Book: Digital or Print

5. China Market Forum: Innovative Partnerships and Digital Opportunities

For more information on the full programme, visit

Outside Frightful, Inside Delightful!

MSc Publishing students in NC504
Publishers mean Business!
Craighouse – stunning in snow, 2 December 2010
Snowy view from Craighouse, 2 December 2010

As the snow caused chaos in the Capital and across Scotland, our MSc Publishing students braved the elements to battle into Craighouse and finish their assignments!

Staff (Dave front right, Derek standing and Avril behind camera) were absolutely amazed when almost 100% of students turned up for classes all this week – some showing up before 9am on Monday morning and others from Glenrothes struggling through extreme weather conditions to make it to University.

On some days they were the only students on campus!

Pictured here in the Mac Lab in New Craig yesterday, our postgraduate students really show that publishers mean business!

Hoo’da thought it?

MSc students in hoodiesPostgraduate Publishing students model their brand new – and ultra swish – hoodies! The idea was masterminded by Sophie (far right) and last week these future collector’s items were delivered to her eager classmates.

While the wind rattled the windows in Old Craighouse, our students were able to wrap up warm for the Scottish winter in their bespoke hoodies! Shivering staff were green with envy as each student donned their own piece of history.

Seeing these smiles on Kristen, Julika, Benedicte, Kat and Sophie, the hoodies are evidently a toasty success!

Thanks to Ralph, our male model (middle), whose agent’s fees prevent him from revealing his true beauty!

Well done, Sophie!

A Day in the Life of a Literary Agent

The day starts with a jubilant welcoming from Clouseau, the wonder dog. After a morning cup of tea to banish the chilly winter air, I’m ready to start my day.

The morning is taken up with the submissions I’ve already had a look through and made notes on, sorting out which ones I enjoyed and didn’t, and pitching them to the group with my reasons why.

This leads on to the rejection letters and finding the right one to suit the submission. I’ll spend another hour or so working through my notes and writing up a paragraph that will hopefully encourage the writer to keep writing whilst gently turning them down.

Then it’s off to lunch!

After I return (and receive another jubilant welcoming) I get straight back to work, finishing off the submissions and letters and working on the website. Finding out just what exactly needs fixing and what needs changing; writing up new information; looking at different sites; how the authors social network and how I can promote the agency’s online presence. An ongoing and arduous process that, nevertheless, needs to be done.

Soon enough it’s five o’clock and I’m wondering just where exactly the day has gone – it feels like just an hour ago I sat down with my morning cup of tea.

A quick check that everything that I set out to accomplish this morning has been completed and I’m done!

…As soon as I collect more submissions to take home and make notes on, of course.

Congratulations to new MSc Publishing Graduates, 2010!

Thanks to Clare for the photograph

The Publishing programme team extend their warm congratulations to Stephanie, Clare and Katrin (pictured here, left to right), three of our newest MSc Publishing graduates!

The graduation ceremony took place in Edinburgh’s Lyceum Theatre, with a champagne reception at the University’s historic Craighouse Campus. An appropriate and stunning location, where much of the teaching for MSc Publishing takes place.

The whole Publishing team wish Stephanie, Clare, Katrin and ALL this year’s postgraduates the very best in your future careers and professions – congratulations once again and keep in touch!