Publishing Scotland Writing for the Web course discount

Publishing Scotland is the network member organisation for publishers in Scotland and provides training courses for industry professionals.

There are some places on the one-day Writing for the Web course on offer to students for only £50+VAT (first come first served). The course will be held on 15th September from 9.30 to 4.30 at the Scottish Book Centre in Edinburgh.

Writing for the Web is different from writing for print and this is a great opportunity to add to your skill set as almost all publishers now have websites and engage in online social networking.

Book online at Publishing Scotland as a PS Member.


Placement at Black & White Publishing

I believe the number one community-building beverage in the publishing workplace is tea. Every day a cup is offered, drank, refilled. And every day the ritual of filling the kettle and delivering boiling cups of tea around the office brings the staff (and intern) closer together.

At Black and White Publishing, tea is the first beverage distributed in the morning (though some days I’m sure we wish there could be something stronger in our cups!) and the last beverage to drain into our mouths before grabbing our jackets and heading out for the day.

I’ve noticed that tea builds our sense of community because it is at these times of the day when we uncoil from the desk, look away from the manuscript or latest cover design on our computer screens, and Continue reading “Placement at Black & White Publishing”

Off to the Printer

Manroland 700 printer at Scotprint
Manroland 700 printer with paper being fed into the printer off a roll

In what could be considered to be one of the stranger decisions of a publishing student, I ventured eastwards out of Scotland’s capital to Scotprint to observe the modern day printing process. You may be asking why this is strange? Well, firstly it seems that this most vital part of the publishing industry, that of actually printing the item you have worked on for a large period of time, seems to be forgotten about. After all, doesn’t the publisher just send the files to the printer and then a few days/weeks later a pile of books come back? Well many would probably be led to believe that that is how the process works. After all, surely the process can’t be anymore difficult that hitting Command+P and waiting for the printer to spew out the relevant number of pages times the relevant number of copies. I.e. fill in the print dialog box, go and grab a cup of tea and relax. This of course bares no similarity to the way an offset lithographic press works. With these, everything is different. Continue reading “Off to the Printer”

Work Placement – Informed Edinburgh

Having been unsure about which area of publishing I would most like to pursue, I was pleasantly surprised to find my placement was with an online magazine.

Informed Edinburgh is ‘Edinburgh’s Fastest Growing Online Magazine’ with 52,000 subscribers and over 300,000 views a month. A relatively new company, this hard-working small team was the ideal introduction to the online workplace.

When I arrived to begin my placement I found the team working hard to get everything in place for the launch of a new venture, Informed Deals. This meant I was able to get involved, experiencing firsthand the preparation and problems concerned in launching a new website and business. Continue reading “Work Placement – Informed Edinburgh”

Interning at Fledgling Press

While I was at the London Book Fair in April, I was lucky enough to bump  into Clare Cain, a woman from my undergrad course. Since graduating, she had become CEO of Fledgling Press, a small independent publishers specialising in new authors. After a coffee and a brief insight into the company, I was invited along to the next meeting.

As the Fledgling team are small in number, I was in a unique position where I was given a number of jobs across all areas and was involved in everything from organising an author visit to schools, to helping out with a book launch (pictured is the team after the event) and even editing the first draft of a novel.

Most of my work was done from home but once a week the staff met to discuss any progress from previous meetings. In this environment, every opinion was valued and I soon found myself settling in to lively discussion on book covers and marketing strategies – something I did not expect before I started my placement.

I consider myself lucky to have found a publishing house where my input was valued Continue reading “Interning at Fledgling Press”

Edinburgh International Book Festival event – André Schiffrin: A Visionary Promoter Of Independent Media

EIBF logoNever before has the control of the global conglomerates over the publishing, media and culture industries been under such scrutiny. Publishing Scotland, in association with the Scottish Universities Insight Institute Independent Publishing programme, presents an event at this year’s Edinburgh International Book Festival which goes to the heart of that debate.

André Schiffrin/ photo credit Micheline Pelletier
Photo credit Micheline Pelletier

André Schiffrin, the speaker at the event, was the Director of Pantheon Books for almost thirty years, bringing authors including Pasternak and Foucault to an American audience. His landmark 2000 publication The Business of Books expressed his belief that Western publishing was in a crisis, fuelled by the concern that the five largest conglomerates in the US controlled 80% of the books produced. His belief that this profit-driven industry prevented him from publishing books propelled him to resign and set up the nonprofit New Press.

In his new book Words and Money, Schiffrin builds on his earlier arguments by focusing on the crisis in the general media, examining the European market to illustrate how the US corporate model has influenced practice worldwide to the detriment of serious journalism. He proposes measures to safeguard the future of publishing, bookselling and the press. In this timely intervention into the ownership practices and philosophies, Schiffrin will give a presentation and then open the floor to questions from the audience.

Date: 22 August 2011

Time: 6.45–7.45pm

Location: Peppers Theatre, Charlotte Square, Edinburgh

Tickets £10 (£8 concession)

For further information and to book your place visit the Edinburgh International Book Festival website.

More information on Publishing Scotland is available at

More information on the Scottish Universities Insight Institute Independent Publishing Programme of Enquiry is available at